Recently we were on Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland and I saw a sky that shouted out the glory of God so loudly that it made me want to join in. When buildings and busyness aren’t crowding our lives, the heavens eloquently declare the glory of God. (Psalm 19.1)

When did you last catch a glimpse of glory? I cannot see how a purely materialistic explanation of our world can explain why my heart could burst with the beauty of a clear night sky scattered with a million stars or why I am filled with praise watching the snow sparkling over mountains or the early morning mist covering Richmond Park with golden light. Why should I be enthralled by a lightning storm on the Cornish coast which lit up the foaming waves while the wind buffeted me so powerfully that I had to fight to stand?

“Lord show me your glory” prayed Moses. What a prayer for us to pray!

God replied Moses with an answer even greater than all the beauty of creation. We are told that he showed Moses his goodness. This is holy ground.

How about praying Moses’ prayer today? I am praying it, with awe, because it is such a huge prayer to pray.

It is prayer that leads us straight to Jesus. As I was musing on God’s glory, I was reminded of this extraordinary verse in Hebrews –
“The Son is the radiance of the glory of God”, (Hebrews 1:3).

Jesus is more beautiful and more wonderful than anything you have ever seen. He is the radiance of the glory, the expression of God’s goodness.

Lord, show me your glory.


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