“Many O Lord are the wonders you have done!” Psalm 40:5

Where is the wonder in your life?

If wonder has been suffocated by all the stuff and the busyness and the worries and the weariness, then wake up to wonder today. Lift your eyes to our wonder-full God.

“If I tried to tell of the wonders you have planned for us, there would be too many!”, sings David.

See the sky, let your mind soar beyond the clouds to the galaxies and gasp at the splendour of the Creator of infinite beauty. A lifetime couldn’t only see a fraction of this stunning world that he has made. Even the most gifted artists and poets cannot capture the breadth of it all, from the delicate detail and splashing colours of a butterfly’s wing to the crack of lightning shearing the sky, from the majestic mountains sparkling with snow to a baby’s fingers clutching your hand.

Wonder that the Creator of it all laid down his crown to crown you with his tender love.

Wonder that the Lion of Judah became a lamb slain for you.

Wonder that death didn’t win.

Wonder that he makes all things new.

Wonder that you are wonderfully made to be a home for a wonder-working God. (Psalm 139 and John 14:24).

“You are full of wonder” sang Emilie Sande at Glastonbury. “You are full of wonder!” We have been created to be full of wonder.

Doesn’t it change how you see the person next to you if you trust this truth? Sometimes we are like oysters, the outer shell doesn’t look like much but keep digging and you will find the pearl, the wonder inside.

In the words of Amanda Cook’s beautiful song,
“May we never lose our wonder,
wide-eyed and mystified,
may I be just like a child
staring at the beauty of the King
– for you are beautiful in all your ways.”

True worship is always filled with wonder.

“Who is like you-
Majestic in holiness
Awesome in glory
Working wonders?” Exodus 15:11

Wonder brings hope. The world is shaky and so many around me are gloomy. We can all think of those we love who need God to do a miracle. Yet we are not cast down because we have a God of signs and wonders.

Remember the wonders he has done and take heart. Be filled with wonder at what God will do for you.

“Consecrate yourself to God for tomorrow he will do wonders among you!” Joshua 3:5



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