Gift of Blessing

Logos4-02This blog has now moved to and here is the story behind it-

A couple of years ago, I told a friend that I hated change. The last year and a half have brought volcanic change to my landscape. Initially it was all loss, beginning with the devastating sudden death of my wonderful husband Trevor, followed by the loss of our home and the consequential loss of my church, the loss of my work, the death of our dog and the death of my mother in law and a dear friend. Honestly sometimes I am still reeling, sometimes still feeling traumatized, sometimes still overwhelmed with grief.

Yet as I look back, I see how God has cared for us, through dear friends and family.  A group of them didn’t want me to stop writing and speaking and we shared a vision to see lives rooted in the love of God, to bear everlasting fruit. Gift of Blessing Trust was formed and I am finding healing in writing and speaking. I have a wonderful new church and I find that when I go seeking to bless others, God is so very present. I have a new home for the next few years and I see glimmers of a future.

I have never so needed to trust, never felt so broken, never been so in need of God’s help.  But as I daily bring my pain to God, I am beginning to see what it means that blessed are those who mourn. And I pray that this great excavation of my life will be filled with love as I run into the Father’s embrace.

prodigal son

This beautiful picture was painted in memory of Trev. Today I was struck that Jesus never sends anyone away. What a promise. Again and again, those who came to him had hardly begun the journey of righteousness but he heard their cries for help.  I am holding onto that.



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